Here you can support the cost of development while gaining In-Game Server features. The cost of running the server & bringing new features is an ever-growing expense. This is why we need as much community support as possible to help make this the most fantastic feature-filled Network that everyone can call home. All support will go directly towards the implementation of unique ideas along with upgrades to maintenance costs. Please take your time to read the terms and conditions before you consider supporting Dragon Network.

Message To Parents:
We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet is a bit worrying so we will quickly explain it to you.
Your child is playing in an online world, with many other players. Each player starts with a default rank which comes with many features already but not all of them. When purchasing a package to our server we reward your child with a higher rank or other features depending on the package. This includes more features than the default rank & enables them to be able to get extra things within the network, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable for all :D


When entering your username, make sure it is Capital-Sensitive & Space Sensitive, also that it is the exact Minecraft account you wanna receive items on. NO ACCOUNT/RANK TRANSFERRING!!!

Changing Minecraft Username:
 To maintain & prevent others from gaining a free rank/items with your old Minecraft Username after changing it, make a 2nd account with the old Username/Gamertag.

Payments Methods:

Payments through PayPal are instant. We also can accept debit gift cards on special request

Staff Application:

Link - staff.dnmc.net


Get your account banned forever if you try to scam and chargeback the payment, you will not get a refund. The chargeback ban is permanent and your account will never get pardoned.


Discord: discord.dnmc.net
Email: support@dnmc.net
Twitter: @RealDNMC